11 jul. 2010


I live in Belgium
but currently you can find me in Russia.

My mother is russian and I speak (almost) fluent russian.

We are in St. Petersburg staying with my grandma and her sister.

A truly beautiful city, the formal capital of Russia.

My sister was once in Rome and she told me the architecture is very simiral.

I hear you all say: Isn't it freezing out there?

Guessed wrong: we don't know how to get out of the heat!

Seriously, if you've seen all and you don't know a good vacantion destination,

come to St. Petersburg!!

9 jul. 2010

About me

Well something about myself:
I'm currently a 17-year old girl who loves:
-to read
-to sing
-to write
-to practice music
-to be with my family
-and many other things.

If you've read my blogname, you can guess another thing I like.
That's right: I'm an otaku!! ^^
But I don't just like manga and anime;
I also love to learn to learn more about Japan.
So most of the stuff I will post on this blog will be about that subject,
if you will excuse me.

So kindred spirits please leave a message.


Finally this blog.
My sisters already own their own blog (you can read them here and here)
and I thought: Why not?
I can talk here about everything I want and
nobody can tell me what to do.
Hope you will enjoy! ^^

Love Lola