10 dec. 2012


God it's almost the new year and this is only the second post of 2012. Guess I got a little carried away with tumblr. (somebitofeverything.tumblr.com) Now why I suddenly wanted to write today? Well there was just this little thing I was writing up on my fanfiction account (Miyu Hinamori) and I thought why can't I share this with all you lovely people who aren't reading my blog? Yeah you ain't fooling me: No-one but my elder sister is reading this. I saw how many followers I have. But if you do read this, enjoy my little embarassment. :) So I have this aversion to dead fish. I really don't like it. If I recognise it was a fish, I ain't looking at it and I ain't eating it. Yet my sister's best friend's dad had caught some fish and had given some to my mother. She immediately made it for dinner. The tail made me already queezy but I decided to suck it up and carefully started to clean it of bones, skin and *brr* other stuff... So far so good. But then mom made a comment about how they were all males since she couldn't find any fish eggs in them and I started crying out of nowhere. Shocked the hell out of everyone at the table. My sister was giggling about how cute I looked, desperately trying to stop my tears, but I didn't see the fun in it since she knew how I hated dead fish. She ultimately helped me clean it up and I could finish my meal happily with unrecognisable pieces of fish. It's such a weird fobia, but then again it's not really only fish. Please don't show me how you slaughter a pig and reduce it to pieces of meat. I can't and won't be able to handle it. I just don't like dead things. That doesn't mean I'm a vegetarian, I really do like meat and all. It's just, I'd rather not know and recognise what animal it was. P.S.: Don't mind the crappy lay-out. This thing just won't do as told.