23 okt. 2011


So, past thursday, I saw on my schedule I only had two seminars
and decided that since I only had so much of class, I'd go on heels.
I'm not a heels person.
I'm more of a 'clothes for comfort' not 'clothes for looks' kinda person.
Not that I dislike heels, no I do like them,
but it's just that I'm not accostumed to them.
Even if I don't wear them often, when we went shopping last time,
Mum buyed me a great pair of Oxfords and since the moment I got them,
my little sister (16 years old, mind you) kept on complaining to me how I didn't wear them and convinced me to wear it at least once at school.
So I put them on and went to school, deciding it wasn't bad at all.

Oh how wrong was I!!
I hadn't kept in mind how high they were, seven centimeters.
At the end of my school day, my feet hurt like hell.
The next day I put on my flats again

18 okt. 2011

Call credit

I don't have any call credit anymore.
All gone.
All because I've spended it on messaging.
'That isn't so unusual', you think.
'It happens to me all the time'
But with me it doesn't.
This is actually the first time it happened.
Since I've entered college, I've gotten so many friends
and I'm having so much fun messaging them.

I'm so happy ^^

15 okt. 2011

Spanish karaoke

So I once told you guys in an earlier post about my Russian heritage from my mother.
The thing is my dad's a whole other story.
He's from Chile in South America.
Pretty cool huh?
There's actually a pretty story behind their meeting, but I think I'll maybe tell you another time. ;)
What does this have to do with this post?
Well the Chilean commmunity back here, organizes all sorts of activities
and one of them is a karaoke every friday evening.
My nieces, from dad's side, invited me and my sister to join them last friday and so we did.
But there, we heard the catch: There are only Spanish songs you could choose.
We are not fluent in Spanish, not at all.
Our elder sister, can fair well in Spanish, but us? Nu-uh.
I know how to pronunciate and stuff, but really talk? I'll have to practice on that.
Either way I somehow managed to pull off 'La Tortura' from Shakira, just barely.
I stumbled on the words, which flashed across the screen and my notes weren't steady.
Still my sister told me she was surprised I could pull it off, barely.
I know it's the truth, so I'm not offended. :)
In the end we four sang 'La camisa negra' from Juanes together.

It was really fun.
I call for an encore! :D

New start

New year, new start
(Boy, do I have a slow reaction or what, it's almost the end of October!)
I'm going to college now, so I decided to change the name of my blog.
No more Sakura Dream, it's now My Boring Life.
Why My Boring Life, you ask?
Well it's because I've realized how boring my life really is
and I wanna change that.
On this blog I will now still publish the miscellaneous stuff I've always posted,
but I'll also post the extraordinary things that have happened to me.
I'll keep on working to keep my life from turning out boring and
perhaps I'll succeed and maybe not, but who cares?
It's my life and I'm gonna live it my way!! :D