15 apr. 2011


I love my parents,
I really do.
But sometimes they can be so ... stressful.
Why this message, you say?

Today I was alone at home, minding my own business,
when my mom calls.
'Did you put your little brother in bed?' she asks.
'Huh? Isn't he with you?' I remember them taking him with them.
'Oh really? Ok. We'll soon be home.' Click. Hanged up.

What the heck!? What did they mean by that?! He isn't with them?!! Am I wrong?
I started searching him around the house and when I found he was of course not with me, I calmed down and went back to computering.
Well I was still a little tense because if he wasn't with my parents, where could he be?

Ten minutes later they were back with my brother. I broke down in tears, glad that he was alright and my mom went to comfort me.
She didn't think it would affect me this much.
Apparently at the time of the phonecall he was way back in the car and my mom forgot he was there and because he usually stays with me, she went into auto-modus and called me asking me if I put him to sleep.

Seriously, parents are a drag most of the time.

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