4 jul. 2011

Vacation plans

This vacation I'll be spending once again in my mother's motherland (get the pun? Yeah I'm lame)
Nothing special there as we go there every, I mean EVERY, year.
Other news is I'm putting myself on a ban.
Yep, a ban.
I'm banning myself from reading any manga or anime for the whole while I'm abroad.
That'll be 7 weeks without my beloved pastime,
but I'll manage.
I'll have other things to do.
My sister already knows about it and will help me hold out 'till the end.
She doesn't really like all that stuff and is happy to keep me away from it.
Now all that's left to do is pack up my things and sleep a bit.
We're leaving at four in the morning, or earlier, gotta ask my mum about it, but she's a bit stressy so i think I'll pass on that.
I'll see you again. ^^

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