3 dec. 2011

The Host

Today when I listened to the radio I heard the song ‘We found love' from Rihanna.
When I heard the lyrics 'We found love in a hopeless place', it reminded me immediately of the book ‘Host’ from Stephenie Meyer.
It’s such a wonderful book: it has science-fiction, future elements, love and so much more. You can’t really describe the feeling you get from this book.
And what’s so weird about this book is how it’s written. You see Stephenie Meyer was the one to have written the Twilight series and this book is so different from those books.
I reread the book already several times and just can’t stop, it’s always like a new experience.
What’s more, I read there will be a movie planned based on this book. I just can’t wait to see it! I just hope they can make it as good as the book. Not like they made the Twilight movies.
It’s a pity the movie isn’t planned until 2013, but I will wait patiently and make sure I will be at its premiere.

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