23 okt. 2011


So, past thursday, I saw on my schedule I only had two seminars
and decided that since I only had so much of class, I'd go on heels.
I'm not a heels person.
I'm more of a 'clothes for comfort' not 'clothes for looks' kinda person.
Not that I dislike heels, no I do like them,
but it's just that I'm not accostumed to them.
Even if I don't wear them often, when we went shopping last time,
Mum buyed me a great pair of Oxfords and since the moment I got them,
my little sister (16 years old, mind you) kept on complaining to me how I didn't wear them and convinced me to wear it at least once at school.
So I put them on and went to school, deciding it wasn't bad at all.

Oh how wrong was I!!
I hadn't kept in mind how high they were, seven centimeters.
At the end of my school day, my feet hurt like hell.
The next day I put on my flats again

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