15 okt. 2011

Spanish karaoke

So I once told you guys in an earlier post about my Russian heritage from my mother.
The thing is my dad's a whole other story.
He's from Chile in South America.
Pretty cool huh?
There's actually a pretty story behind their meeting, but I think I'll maybe tell you another time. ;)
What does this have to do with this post?
Well the Chilean commmunity back here, organizes all sorts of activities
and one of them is a karaoke every friday evening.
My nieces, from dad's side, invited me and my sister to join them last friday and so we did.
But there, we heard the catch: There are only Spanish songs you could choose.
We are not fluent in Spanish, not at all.
Our elder sister, can fair well in Spanish, but us? Nu-uh.
I know how to pronunciate and stuff, but really talk? I'll have to practice on that.
Either way I somehow managed to pull off 'La Tortura' from Shakira, just barely.
I stumbled on the words, which flashed across the screen and my notes weren't steady.
Still my sister told me she was surprised I could pull it off, barely.
I know it's the truth, so I'm not offended. :)
In the end we four sang 'La camisa negra' from Juanes together.

It was really fun.
I call for an encore! :D

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